The following integration options are available between Envoke and third party software.


Use our APIs to update, sync or query contacts in your Envoke database.

  • Implementation is done by your IT team, including business logic for API triggers

  • There is no extra cost for contact API usage

  • Contact us via support chat to get your API authentication token

  • Read the API documentation here

Use case: Sync your CRM to Envoke as contacts are created and updated. You can also use the API to add contacts to Envoke after an external form is submitted.

Hooks API

Receive data from Envoke when contacts are created and updated. Read more.

Use case: When a contact unsubscribes in Envoke their subscription status is updated in your CRM.

Google Analytics

Track email activity on your website using Google Analytics. Read more.

Use case: Links in emails are tagged with UTM tags, which allows you to track email traffic in Google Analytics:


Zapier facilitates integration between apps. By connecting to Zapier you can integrate your Envoke data with any of the hundreds of apps that Zapier supports.

  • A paid Zapier account may be required.

  • Implementation is done by your IT team, including business logic for API triggers.

Use case: New contacts and contact updates are added to Envoke from Salesforce CRM via Zapier.

Data warehouse

A data warehouse is available for a fee. Use it to create custom queries for aggregate email activity. All PII is removed. The data warehouse can be used together with Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio or other analytics software to create custom reporting dashboards.

Use case: Email opens/clicks over time, email opens/clicks by time of day, compare email campaign performance.

Custom integrations

Custom integrations are available for a fee. Contact us for details.

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