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Product changes in 2018
Product changes in 2018

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List of major feature releases and changes in 2018. You can view other product changes here.

Automated consent expiry reminders

October 2018

Implied consent for Canadian contacts expires 6 months (from an inquiry) or 24 months (from a transaction) after it was obtained.

After consent expires for a contact you cannot send emails to them anymore.

In addition to the consent request banner - that automatically solicits express consent each time you send an email - you can now send automated subscription verification reminders to contacts whose implied consent is about to expire.

Faster reports

September 2018

Reports pages now load 5-10x quicker!

All reports are cached daily overnight, which means they load quickly when you login to your account.

New email editor

July 2018

The updated editor gives you:

  • easier control over image display on mobile screens

  • the ability to add buttons anywhere in your emails

  • more space to work on your messages

  • and more

GDPR compliance

May 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation for the privacy of individuals within the European Union (EU). It became effective on May 25, 2018. We updated our automated consent management processes to be compliant with GDPR.

Link names (anchor text) now available in email reports

April 2018

Email campaign reports now include the "anchor" text in addition to the URL of the link that was clicked on. Links can often be long and hard to read, while anchor texts will provide more insight without detailed analysis of link URLs.

Placeholders for form fields

March 2018

You can now add placeholder text inside form fields. Use the placeholder field in the form editor.

Self serve email alerts configuration

February 2018

Send email alerts and assign leads to a salesperson when an interest is assigned to a contact via a form submission or other channels. This functionality is now exposed to administrators who can update routing rules self-serve.

Improved support system

January 2018

After a successful test of chat-based support in the past few months we have made it the primary support channel and discontinued the old support-ticket system. With chat-based support:

  • Get responses and send updates directly from user interface and by email (just reply to the email thread)

  • The chat module is accessible from every page of the user interface

  • Paste attachments directly from your clipboard

  • Book a call with support: Many support calls ended up with a transfer to screen sharing in order to troubleshoot issues quicker and explain how to use certain features. For this reason we decided to replace all non-emergency phone support to scheduled screen share sessions.

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