STEP 1 Setup your subscriptions

Before you create a form decide on subscription options. Subscriptions is how your contacts indicate their content preferences. For example newsletter, special offers, surveys, etc. Subscriptions are optional. If you don't have different types of content you don't need to create subscriptions.

STEP 2 Create a new form

Create a new form here.

STEP3 Customize your form

Click on the form to add/remove fields and update wording.

STEP 4 (optional) Add nurture messages

If you want to send an automated series of emails to people who fill out the form then you need to create and add these messages to the form. Here's how.

STEP 5 Add the form to your website.

Add the form to any page of your website. You can get the "embed" code from the sidebar of the editor. Read more about form display options.

STEP 6 Test

Test the form to ensure it works as expected.

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