When it comes to customizing form styles you have three options:

OPTION 1: Let your website's stylesheet do the work

First, add the form to your website as-is without any customization. Often the main stylesheets of websites will include settings to update the form. In this case additional customization isn't required.

OPTION 2: Customize styles in the form editor

If you need to customize styles you can do so from the form editor. Click the "gear" icon then use the style controls to update the form.

OPTION 3: Use custom CSS

For advanced customization beyond what's possible from the visual editor you can use custom CSS. Read the how to style forms article for developers.

Are you displaying the form on a stand alone landing page (not embedded on your website)?

Here are some formatting tips:

More form settings

Read more about working with forms such as styles, standard and custom fields, display options, subscriptions, etc.

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