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Branding options
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There are several branding controls in Envoke to ensure all of your content adheres to branding guidelines. Only administrator users can update settings related to branding.

Brand colours, fonts and logos

Account level branding controls let you set brand colours and fonts. You can restrict colour and font selection in the email editor and you can also upload your logo here and show it or hide it on hosted pages.

The email preferences page

The Email Preferences page is where your contacts can update their subscription and other email settings. This page is linked from the footer of emails. There are a lot of customization options available for both content and styles.


Parts of every email template can be locked to prevent users from editing these locked, static sections. Read more about templates.


All forms are customizable to match your organization's style guides.

URLs of hosted pages and click tracking links

Custom domains can be used to replace all Envoke links with links that use your domain. This applies to all hosted pages and clickthrough links in emails.

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