Email templates can be used to define and lock layout and styles of emails.

  • Templates are optional - you can create messages without templates

  • Only admin users can edit templates

  • Content and/or styles can be locked for each content block within a template

  • Templates can be shared with sub-accounts

Using a template

Click the "Create new message" button from the list of messages page to choose from the list of available templates.

On the template selector page custom templates are listed first that are only available for your account, followed by pre-built templates that are available to all Envoke customers.


Access to templates is based on user roles:

  • Subaccount administrators can create and update templates.

  • Administrators can also share templates with subaccounts.

  • All other users can view and use templates but can't edit them.

You can find out your user role on your user profile page.

Creating a template

There are two options to create a template:

Turn an existing message into a template:

Select the "Save as a template..." option from the message editor page.

Build a new template:

Click the "Create template" button from the Templates page.


Templates can be published or unpublished. This can be updated in the template editor.

Only published templates are available when creating new messages.

Content and style controls (locked elements)

Parts of a template can be locked from editing. There are two types of locks available:

  • Lock entire content block: both content and styles are uneditable.

  • Lock styles only: content remains editable but styes cannot be changed.

You can control locked elements from the sidebar of the content editor window:


Sharing is possible by subaccounts, not by users. Every user of a subaccount that the template is shared with can access templates.

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