This is an optional step to help with branding. Once setup, reference to Envoke branded domains will be replaced with your own domain on public pages such as the subscription management page. This helps brand recognition for contacts and can reduce unsubscribe rates.

Here's how the preference manager page's address looks like without custom domain

The same page with custom domain enabled:

You can use a subdomain as a custom domain: 

Examples of custom domains:


Check your current custom domain

To determine if a custom domain is currently enabled for your account go the Domains section of the Account Settings page and check the custom domain field. If the field includes a domain (not blank and doesn't say "none) then a custom domain is already enabled.

Configuring a custom domain

This setup needs to be completed by your IT team.

To set up as a custom domain for your account you need to create a CNAME entry in the DNS of your domain pointing to

There is no need to define a separate A record.

Verify domain setup

Use this link to confirm the domain is setup correctly: 

Replace with your domain name. For example, if your domain is then the test link to use is:

Let us know once your custom domain is configured - we will verify the setup and enable it for your account.

Securing your custom domain

The is no need for you to create an SSL certificate. We will issue an SSL certificate for your custom subdomain. 



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