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Product changes in 2021
Product changes in 2021

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List of major feature releases and changes in 2021. You can view other product changes here.

Easily add videos to your emails

December 2021

Just drag the video component into your message and paste the link of the video on the next page. All done!

Internal lists and filters have been renamed

September 2021

Changing the name of frequently used features is never an easy decision but after a lot of discussion with our customers it has become clear that we needed to update the way we refer to some contact list related settings so the functions behind the names resonate more strongly with our users.

Starting today:

  • Internal lists are called tags.

  • Filters are called segments.

  • Subscriptions remain subscriptions.

All these settings can be found under the Lists navigation tab.

This is a naming change only. Functionality remains unchanged.

Compare email engagement between lists and aggregate email reports

August 2021

We've added two new reports. They are both available under the Reports tab and both reports are exportable in CSV format.

Email activity by recipients

This report shows how many messages were sent to various lists along with open, click, etc. data so you can compare engagement levels of different contact lists.

Aggregate email activity details

This report shows all emails sent in a given date range with aggregate metrics so you can compare email campaign performance without having to open reports separately for each email campaign.

Extend timed-out sessions

July 2021

If your session times out due to inactivity you can now extend it and pick up working in your account without potential data loss.

Duplicate entire sections in emails

June 2021

You can now duplicate and delete entire sections. All components within the section are duplicated.

Double opt-in

May 2021

Double opt-in is an email verification method intended to confirm the email address of people who submit forms.

With double opt-in enabled, an automated verification email is sent to all new contacts created as the result of form submissions. You cannot send emails to contacts who didn't confirm their email address when double opt-in is enabled.

Private subscriptions

April 2021

Subscriptions can now be marked "private". Contacts cannot sign up to subscriptions marked as "private" on the β€œsubscription preferences” page, they can only unsubscribe. Account administrators need to assign contacts to private subscriptions.

For example: A private subscription called "Tenant updates" allows tenants to unsubscribe from these updates. Other contacts cannot subscribe self-serve.

New contact preference page options and private subscriptions

April 2021

Much more than just a simple "unsubscribe page", the "Consent and Subscription Preferences page" is a highly customizable page to give you and your contacts control over managing and updating settings related to how you send emails to them.

New feature highlights:

  • Add custom text to the top of the preferences page where you can explain your email sending policy and other details

  • Allow contacts to update all details of their profile

  • Email address confirmation required to prevent unauthorized change

  • Your contacts now see subscriptions listed by folders on the preferences page

  • Updated interface where you customize settings for the preferences page

  • Updated design for the preferences page

Import unsubscribed contacts

March 2021

You can now import contacts who have unsubscribed outside Envoke in a single step. (before this update, this process required multiple steps). This allows you to migrate your existing contacts while retaining their unsubscribed status.

Clean up of contact details and database overview pages

February 2021

Additional details are now added to the database overview page and the contact details page layout has been updated so data can be reviewed easier.

Increased password strength requirements

February 2021

Password strength requirements have been updated to ensure stronger passwords are created to access the platform.

Form submission report now available on the reports dashboard

January 2021

You can now view forms submissions and new contacts per form in any date range.

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