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Email activity reports
Contact activity timeline and email sending history
Contact activity timeline and email sending history

A detailed event log of contact activity

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A summary of activities are available from the contact details page. You can access this page by searching for a contact in your contact list and clicking on the contact's email address to bring up the details page.

One of the cards on the contact details page is titled "Activity details". You can click through the links from this report to view detailed the email sending history and the complete activity timeline (not just email sends) for that contact.

Activity timeline

We track all activity for every contact on your list on the activity timeline. To view the timeline, click the "Timeline" tab from the contact details page (see screenshot below) or click the "Activity timeline" link (see screenshot above).

Email sending history

This report includes details about all emails sent to a single contact. To access this page, click on the "Email sending history" link from the contact details page. This page is great to troubleshoot email delivery issues for individual contacts. Learn more about troubleshooting inbox delivery.

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