There are many factors that determine whether your emails are going to the spam folder or hitting inboxes consistently. On this page we provide details on setting up and troubleshooting inbox delivery.

STEP 1: Is domain authentication configured?

Ensuring that under-the-hood settings are correctly configured is a prerequisite to inbox delivery. We take care and automate every setting we have control over but setting up domain authentication (called DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail in technical terms) needs to be completed by you. It's a one time configuration requirement. Spam filters and fraud detection software especially look for this setting.

You can read more about how DKIM works, why it's important and and how to set it up.

STEP 2: Emails aren't received at all

Even after DKIM is configured, your emails may not be sent due to too many bounces, invalid consent or other issues.

In this article you can learn how to troubleshoot when sent emails are missing.

STEP 3: Emails are in the spam or junk mail folder

In this case emails do arrive but instead of the inbox they land in the spam folder. There are steps you can take to aid with straight to inbox delivery.

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