The "Regulatory emails" option allows sending emails to any contact in a specific email campaign, regardless of consent status. This means even unsubscribed contacts will receive these emails. 

This is to accommodate situations where a recipient is contractually obligated to receive regulatory / official notifications. Examples of this are students of a university, members of a professional body or contacts who need to receive emergency information pertaining to their safety.

Exceptions: Contacts who reported spam and contacts with unverified emails are excluded even from emails marked as a regulatory message. (Unverified emails are contacts who came via form submissions with double opt-in enabled and didn't confirm their email address.)

Enabling the regulatory emails functionality

This functionality is enabled upon request by Envoke support. Start a support ticket using the support chat while you're logged into your account.

When enabled, you can add a description to be displayed on the Consent and Preferences page to explain to your contacts what types of mandatory emails you send and how recipients can contact you for further information or to request removal from your list.

Update the wording from the Options page in the Consent and Preferences section.

Sending regulatory emails

Account administrators can designate emails as "regulatory communication". A note is required that appears in the footer of emails to explain why your contacts receive this message from you.

Contacts can still unsubscribe

Messages will continue to have an unsubscribe link to ensure spam filters don’t automatically block the email and/or blacklist the sending IP addresses and contacts can still unsubscribe. Unsubscribed contacts won't receive emails that aren't designated as "mandatory communication".

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