Bulk edit contacts

Batch update many contacts at once

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The "bulk edit" function allows you to update tags, automated messages, change consent settings and subscriptions and delete many contacts at once.

Step 1: Select contacts

Select the contacts you want to update. You can select contacts many ways. For example view contacts that belong to a tag, subscription list, view results of a custom segment or click on a drill-down metric in a report. Learn more: How to view specific contact segments

On the top of the contact list page you will see how many contacts are in your current "view" so you can confirm you're looking at the correct list.

Step 2: Click the "Group edit" button

After you clicked the selection checkbox on the top left of the contact list, click the "Group edit" button.

Step 3: Apply changes

Follow the on-screen instructions to apply changes to the selected contacts. If a large number of contacts are changed at once there will be a short delay before the changes are applied. You can use the software during this time, the changes are happening in the background.

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