All emails created in the drag and drop editor are automatically responsive, which means they adapt to various screen sizes. You can preview the mobile layout under the Preview tab in the email editor.

Changes on mobile view

The following changes are automatically applied to emails in responsive view to ensure the best possible mobile experience.


  • Images are scaled to fit the width of small screens.

Line height

  • Line height is reset to a uniform 1.5 through the email to ensure good readability on mobile screens.

Font sizes

Font sizes are adjusted to ensure text isn't too small to read and links aren't too small to tap and also to prevent headlines displaying too large on mobile screens:

  • Regular (paragraph) text is set to 16px throughout the email

  • H1 headlines are displayed as 24px

  • H2 headlines are displayed as 20px

  • H3 headlines are displayed as 18px

  • H4 headlines are displayed as 16px


  • Padding becomes fixed at 20px on the left and right of content blocks if the content block has any padding on desktop view.

  • For content blocks with no padding on desktop view, padding will be kept at zero on mobile view.

Content order for multi-column layouts

In a multi-column layout content within a section (row) are ordered top to bottom in the left column, followed by content top to bottom in the right column.

Multi column section split into multiple sections (rows)

Multi column section in a single section (row):


Tables don't convert well to mobile view and the message may have horizontal scrolling due to tables pushing content too wide on small screens. There is no setting or workaround to mitigate this issue. For best mobile experience avoid inserting tables to emails.

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