Adding a video into an email message

How to embed a video in an email

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Video support

The email editor supports adding videos from YouTube (YouTube shorts aren't supported) and Vimeo to emails. You need to paste the link to the video in the editor and a clickable thumbnail of the video will automatically be created. If you want to add videos from other services, other than YouTube or Vimeo, you need to manually create a thumbnail image of the video, add that image to the email and link to the video from the image.

User experience

When your contacts receive the email from you they can click on the video thumbnail, which in turn will take them to the YouTube or Vimeo website to play the video. Videos won't play directly inside the email - this is a technical limitation with email technology, not Envoke.


The click on the video thumbnail will be shown in the "Links clicked" portion of the email report - much like a click on any other link in your message.

Public videos only

Please double check that the video's privacy setting is set to "public". Private videos cannot be added to emails.

Adding videos to emails

Step 1: Drag the video component into the message from the sidebar of the email editor:

Step 2: Click the video component after it's added to your message and paste a link to the video into the Video URL field:

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