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Listserv emails
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What is a Listserv?

A Listserv service allows sending emails to a single email address, which in turn distributes content to inboxes of anyone that's part of the Listserv group.

Can I use Listserv distribution lists in Envoke?

No. Using a Listserv email would mean you only store a single email address in your account to communicate with many people and this would be considered an attempt to bypass our billing plans that are based on the number of contacts stored in the account or number of emails sent.

Unsubscribe issue and no reporting with Listserv

In addition the billing issue described above, sending to a Listserv email address would mean you have no insights into email engagement details for individual recipients (opens, clicks, bounces, etc) because the Listserv only uses a single email address in Envoke.

Also, if any of the users who are on the Listserv distribution list unsubscribe they would unsubscribe the main Listserv distribution email, which prevents sending subsequent emails to the entire group.

What to do instead of using Listserv?

You should export members of the Listserv group and import them into Envoke.

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