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Add or update contacts

How to add new contacts and update existing contacts in your database

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We recommend you read about segmentation best practices before adding contacts to your list.

Add contacts to your database

There are four ways contacts can be added to your database:

  1. Add contacts manually by clicking the Create contact button from the list of contacts page. Then follow the on-screen prompts to add contact details on the subsequent pages such as tags, subscriptions and contact fields.

  2. Import contacts from a spreadsheet. This article explains how to import contacts.

  3. Contacts can add themselves using a form. Read about forms here.

  4. Contacts can also be added with the API. API information can be found here.

Updating existing contacts

Contacts can be updated using one of the following options:

  1. Make changes to a group of contacts in bulk.

  2. Update contacts manually by looking up the contact record from the list of contacts page, clicking on the contact and making the updates on the contact details page.

  3. You can make changes by re-importing contacts. Re-importing contacts will not delete tags, subscriptions or contact fields - only add or replace existing values. Contacts will be merged by email address if they already exist in your database. Existing contacts who had previously unsubscribed will remain unsubscribed after any import.

  4. If a contact that already exists in your database fills out a form their contact record will be updated with new information entered on the form. Just as with imports, tag, subscriptions and contact fields are only added or updated via form submissions - never deleted.

  5. You can also update contacts via the API.

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