We provide a REST API. You need to send requests in JSON format. 

API requests count towards your engagement credit usage the same way as emails sent and visits tracked. One API request = one engagement credit used.

There are two separate APIs:

  1. API for messages: https://e1.envoke.com/bm/api/v4legacy
  2. API for leads and contacts - see details on the Leads and Contacts API support pages.


  • /leads Leads API details
  • /contacts Contacts API details
  • /interests GET only; returns a list of interest names and ids
  • /autoresponders GET only; returns a list of autoresponder names and ids
  • /customfields GET only; returns a list of custom field names and ids

Once you login you'll find a test app to create and debug requests.

If you're interested in using the API please request an API_ID and API KEY.

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