Consent should be managed self-serve by contacts on forms and on the consent and subscription preferences page.

Manually updating consent status for contacts in bulk is also possible from the Envoke interface, for example when importing contact lists or updating records in bulk from the contact list page.

We advise you to consult with your legal team prior to making manual / bulk updates to consent states as Envoke does not review these changes. It is your responsibility to ensure that the appropriate consent state is assigned to each contact record during manual / bulk updates. 

Restrictions on bulk consent updates

When updating consent statuses in bulk (either from the contact list page or by re-importing existing contacts), Envoke enforces a number of restrictions to prevent you from accidentally "downgrading" your contacts' consent statuses (e.g. from Express to Implied), and from resubscribing contacts who have revoked their consent.

Updating consent in bulk from the contact list page

Updating consent status of existing contacts overrides their own consent choice therefore we only recommend this option to correct mistakes.

To update consent in bulk select all or a segment of your contacts, and click the "Edit selection" button.

Select if you want to apply changes to selected contacts only shown on the current page or to all contacts matching your view. Click the "Update consent status" button.

Select the new consent state and describe the reason for the update. Click the "Update consent" button.

Contacts who provided express consent or revoked their consent cannot be updated in bulk.

Updating consent for a single contact

From the contact details page click the "Change consent status" link.

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