Lost history

When contacts are deleted you lose all history such as form submissions, email opens, clicks and consent details.

Instead of deleting contacts we recommend that you to mark them with "revoked" consent state - that way history is kept and the contact will not receive any emails going forward. (how to bulk update consent status)

We don't charge based on number of contacts on your list so this doesn't effect the cost of the Envoke service.

How to delete contacts?

You can bulk delete contacts from the contacts list page: Click the "Edit selection" button and select the "Delete contacts" option.

Not that this operation is limited to deleting contacts appearing on a single page.
For example if you have 25 contacts on a single page then you can delete up to 25 contacts at a time.

To bulk delete more contacts please contact support.

Why some contacts cannot be deleted?

Contacts with consent status "revoked" or "spam reported" cannot be deleted. This restriction is in place to prevent these contacts from being accidentally re-added to the database as subscribed contacts, which could create spam complaints and compliance issues.

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