Only major projects are included on this page. Minor updates are released weekly. 

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Upcoming features

January - March 2020

  • User roles and permissions manager
  • User interface overhaul
  • Email template manager
  • DKIM support (domain keys identified mail)

April - June 2020

These changes are strong candidates for this quarter but some items may be replaced as priorities change.

  • AB testing by subject line, pre-header text and from name
  • Double opt-in
  • Email open report by device
  • Import external unsubscribes
  • Full width layout for the email editor
  • Global suppression list (do not mail list)
  • Customizable the consent and preferences page

July - September 2020

The roadmap for this quarter is not yet finalized. The following items are considered.

  • Trended email campaign activity reporting
  • Compare email campaign performance
  • Emoji picker for subject lines
  • Advanced filters (combine any / all condition types in the same filter)
  • Post messages to social media as email campaigns are launched
  • Version history for emails and forms / auto-save / restore deleted emails

Your input for feature development and general improvements is always welcome: Start a chat with support any time to let us know what features are important to you.

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