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Reusable sections

How to work with reusable sections in your emails and templates

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Reusable sections allow admin users to manage a library of frequently used email sections that can be inserted into any email by all users.


Reusable sections are only available on the Pro, Multi-account or Pay As You Go plans and not available on the Standard pricing plan.

User access

How to create a reusable section?

Click the settings icon (1) in a section that you want to save, enter a name for the section (2) and click the Save button (3).

How to insert a reusable section into a message?

Reusable sections are shown in the sidebar of the editor. From here you can drag them into your message.

Manage reusable sections

Click the "Manage reusable sections..." link from the sidebar of the message editor to edit, delete or share your existing reusable sections.

How to share reusable sections across subaccounts?

You can share reusable sections with subaccounts from the Configure tab on the reusable sections editor page.

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