Testing messages is part of the email campaign deployment process. During testing be sure to check the sender name and email, subject line and look out for broken links in addition to the email layout.


Click the "Test" button on the message editor page. 

Tip: Clicking the "Test" button automatically saves your message, no need to click "Save" first.


In the popup window you can either enter a single email address to send the test message to or select a saved test list.

Watch this short how-to video to learn how to create a test list that contains multiple email addresses.


Click the "Send test message(s)" button


Check your inbox for the test message. Test messages should arrive within a few minutes.

The subject line of test messages start with "Test message from Envoke:" so you can easily tell test messages apart from final sends.

Troubleshooting email testing

Can't send a test message

All contacts - including test message recipients - must have provided consent to receive emails. If you have accidentally unsubscribed the email you are trying to send a test message to you can't send a test message to that contact. To fix this error you need to re-subscribe the contact by find the contact on the contact list page and updating its consent status.

Test messaging not appearing in your inbox

The test email may be in the spam folder. If the email is not in your spam folder then it may be blocked. A potential solution is to set up Domain Key Authentication.

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