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What is the consent request banner and how to use it

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What is the consent request banner?

The consent request banner is used to automatically solicit express consent in an effort to minimize expiry of consent. It appears on top of every email only for contacts whose consent status is not set to "express consent".

How to enable the consent request banner

Check the "Show consent banner in emails" checkbox on the account settings page.

After enabling the consent request banner, it will be automatically added only to messages sent to contacts who have not yet provided express consent. 

It is possible to selectively show the consent banner only to Canadian contacts. 

Consent banner location

The banner is shown on top of emails by default but you can move it anywhere in the message by using the following macro anywhere in your email:  {@consent-banner}

The "update settings" link takes contacts to the subscription preferences page.

Customizing the consent banner

Step 1: Select the text {@consent-banner-linktext}

Step 2: Remove the formatting by clicking the "Tx" button.

Step 3: Click the "Button style" button, and choose a new colour.

Preview the consent request banner

Preview any message to view the consent banner. Note, that the consent banner is displayed only for contacts whose consent status is "Implied" so the first step is to ensure that the contact used for the preview - your own contact record - is set to have "Implied" consent

  1. On the contact list page look up your own contact record (by searching for the email address associated with your user login)  

  2. Click the email address to bring up the contact details page.

  3. On the contact details page update your consent status to "Implied"

  4. Preview any message

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