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Customizing emails using HTML code
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The visual drag and drop email editor

The visual, drag and drop content editor is designed to accommodate complex layouts using multiple columns, various padding around content blocks, responsive display, etc. The vast majority of our clients prefer this editor.

Emails created and updated in the built-in editor are fully supported.

Editing HTML of emails

⚠️ We do not provide support for messages where HTML is modified in any way and can't guarantee that the message will remain editable in the visual editor. You should only make modifications of HTML code if you have the resources to support and troubleshoot display issues internally.

Only administrators and technical users have access to edit the HTML code of emails directly. The HTML editing option is available from the Configure tab.

Restrictions for HTML-only messages

The following may not be available for messages that don't use the built in visual, drag and drop editor:

  • Emails aren't responsive by default; it's your responsibility to be sure messages look good on mobile phones

  • Dynamic content blocks aren't available

  • AB testing isn't available

  • You cannot define locked templates zones

  • Pre-header text cannot be defined

  • JavaScript is not available in emails. It's blocked by email clients for security reasons.

  • If you're coding your own template DIV layouts should be avoided completely and instead, table-based layouts should be used.

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