The visual editor

The visual, drag and drop content editor is designed to accommodate complex layouts using multiple columns, various padding around content blocks, responsive display, etc. 

Emails created and updated in this built-in editor are fully supported: if something breaks we help you fix it.

The HTML editor

Only administrators and technical users have access to edit the HTML code of emails directly. The HTML editing option is available from the sidebar of the email editor under the Configure tab.

Editing the HTML source code should be used sparingly and carefully and only by users who have an expert level understanding of HTML code.

Before you make HTML changes please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the email continues to display correctly and remains compatible with the visual editor. 

We do not provide support for emails where the HTML source code was modified. 

This is because there is no way for us to verify or control modifications to the HTML code.

It's often better to accept certain restrictions that are imposed by the editor (there aren't many) and revise your layout so you can continue to use the visual editor without having to modify HTML code. This way you remain eligible for support if needed. 

Before your modify HTML, talk to us. Often there are workarounds or options you may not be aware of to help you with your email layout without having to use custom HTML.

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