Onboarding is included with every new account at no extra cost to help you hit the ground running and to ensure continuity of service if you’re switching from another provider.

Onboarding Part 1: Review settings that apply to all accounts

Onboarding Part 2 (optional): Custom requirements or advanced configuration

You can book a one on one training call here.

Before you book a training call, we ask that you watch the training videos first. This way training can focus on custom or advanced requirements that aren't addressed by the generic training videos. Training sessions for existing accounts are limited to once per year. Existing account holders, please refer to this page for your support options.

Training calls cover the following topics:

  • Your specific questions and requirements

  • Going over defaults, reviewing all settings

  • Creating user logins for the team

  • Technical setup of: DKIM (to ensure emails are properly authenticated) and custom domain (for branding). These are both one time settings to be completed by your IT team.

  • Establish a list segmentation framework (tags, subscriptions, custom fields)

  • Help with importing existing contacts

  • Contact list and contact update functions

  • Review and configure CASL settings

  • Customizing the email preference page

  • Forms setup and customization

  • Working with the template and email editor (create, preview, test, send)

  • Review reporting options

  • Setup integrations (optional)

  • After implementation, users receive unlimited ongoing support

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