Troubleshooting internal inbox delivery
Emails not arriving to internal email inboxes
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This article is part of a series of pages about avoiding spam filters and troubleshooting inbox delivery.

What is internal email delivery?

Internal email delivery means emails sent from to another email address

Internal delivery issues arise when your organization's mail server rejects messages because the they don't recognize and email sent from Envoke as a legitimate email that is authorized to send messages on behalf of your organization.

In the majority of cases your contacts with external email addresses will receive emails without issues even if you don't receive emails internally.

Some background information

Getting emails delivered to an inbox is a joint effort between the sender (Envoke) and the recipient (your organization). The sender and the recipient communicate via mail servers.

In order for emails to be placed in inboxes the recipient's mail server performs many checks. The rules that determine whether or not an email is placed in inboxes vary greatly among mail servers.

The recipient's mail server can take different actions with emails. Emails can be:

  • Accepted and placed in the inbox

  • Rejected (bounce)

  • Quarantined (placed in a secure environment where it can be viewed without risk)

  • Sent to the spam folder

  • Delayed (throttled delivery)

Envoke's mail servers send emails according to up to date industry standard specifications using the same base settings for every customer. Customers may need to apply additional settings depending on how their mail servers are configured. You will need to involve your IT team for this.

It's a one-time process that requires no ongoing maintenance in most cases. The steps involved are not specific to Envoke, all email providers have similar requirements and recommendations.

Rule out external delivery issues first

Send a test message to an external email address to check if they arrive. For example if your email is then try sending tests to This way you can confirm if delivery issues are limited to internal emails only.

Troubleshooting steps for internal delivery

Once you confirmed the issue is internal, follow these steps to troubleshoot emails not arriving to internal inboxes. These are all technical steps that need to be completed by your IT team. These are not quick fixes that can be resolved during a short support chat.

Step 1: Make sure domain authentication (DKIM) is configured for your sending domain.

Step 2: If DKIM is configured and emails are not arriving to inboxes then you should whitelist our sending IP addresses.

Step 3: If whitelisting IP addresses doesn't sole the issue then you should add an SPF record.

Step 4: Update your DMARC policy

After all four steps are completed and internal email delivery is still not resolved, reach out to Envoke support. We will need to connect directly with your IT to effectively troubleshoot technical issues.

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