Email message and template statuses

What the different statuses mean for your email templates and messages

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Each email message and template can have various statuses. Let's review what they mean:

Message statuses


Newly created messages start in draft status. Draft messages are editable, allowing changes to the content, recipient list, subject line, and other settings. Draft messages may be scheduled, sent, or added to an automated message series.


A scheduled message will be sent in the future at its scheduled date and time. Scheduled messages are not editable; the message must be unscheduled and returned to draft status in order to make changes.

AB test in progress

AB tests send each of the two versions (version A and version B) to a randomly selected list that make up 10% of the total recipient list. After two hours, the better performing version will be used to send to the remaining 80% of the list.

In progress

In progress messages are being sent to their designated recipient list. Email sending uses a queue system - see this article for further details.


Sent messages have completed sending to their recipient list. You can view reports on the opens, clicks, and other detailed stats for the campaign.

System message

Automated message

Automated messages are part of an automated message series. They will continue to be sent as contacts are added to the series. A hybrid between a draft and sent message, automated messages can be edited, while reports are available showing their send history to date.

Template & reusable section statuses


Published templates and reusable sections will appear and be available for use in the "create message" window or the "reusable sections" portion of the email editor sidebar. They may be shared with other subaccounts.


Unpublished templates and reusable sections are not available to create or be inserted into messages. They are private to their account.

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