List sync using a CSV file
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The CSV list sync option allows you to easily delete contacts from your account that aren't on the latest import CSV file. This is in contrast with the default import behaviour that only adds contacts to your database.


The CSV list sync option is only available for admin level users. It is not available on the Standard billing plan.


This document explains how to perform a CSV sync manually. This can also be automated on a daily basis. Contact us via chat support to get started with CSV sync automation.


Click the "Show advanced settings" link (1) at the bottom of the import settings page.

Check the checkbox under the List sync (2) headline and review settings (3 and 4) below.

Safeguards and exclusions

Specify the maximum number of contacts to be deleted during the import process. This safeguards against unintended deletion of a large number of contacts. If the number of contacts to be deleted is more than the specified maximum then no contacts will be deleted.

Don't delete contacts with a specific tag: Any contact that matches a tag will not be deleted.

Contacts that match the email address of a user login to your account will not be deleted.

No undo option

Contacts deleted by using this option aren't recoverable - there is no undo option.


The import confirmation email shows how many contacts were deleted as part of the CSV sync process or if no contacts were deleted because the contacts to be deleted were over the maximum limit. The import confirmation email is sent to the email address associated with your user login.

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