This "getting started" guide focuses on frequently used functionality to keep things nice and short. For advanced settings browse the support centre or contact our support team.

STEP 1) Configure your account and user settings

  • Review your account settings and fill in any missing details. 
  • Update your user profile.
  • Setup a custom domain. This step is an optional step to help with branding; once it's set up, reference to the domain will be removed from all public links. 

STEP 2) Add subscriptions

Subscriptions allow your contacts to set their communication preferences by indicating what type of content they want to receive from you.

  • Add subscriptions here
  • You will be able to send emails to contacts based on their subscription settings.
  • Subscriptions are shown on the Consent and Subscriptions Preferences page. This page is linked from every email you send.
  • For internal lists use interests instead of subscriptions. Interests are not public facing and can also be used to segment you list. For example you don't want your contacts to make changes to internal segments (tags) such as "staff only" or "completed certification".

Read additional details to help with segmentation of your contact list. 

STEP 3) Import your list

  • Prepare your list as a CSV file that includes a header row with field names. View an example.
  • Go to the import page where you can upload and import your file
  • Be sure to assign an interest or subscription for every contact during the import process so you can segment them later.

Duplicate records will be merged by email address.

For additional details about importing read this article or watch this video (2m 17s).

STEP 4) Create an email 

STEP 5) Test and send e-blasts 

SETP 6) Create a sign up form

At this point your basic account setup is done! Let us know if you have any questions about any of the steps above or if you want to learn more about additional configuration options.

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