Email sending checklist

Settings to pay attention to before you send emails

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Use this checklist to ensure all settings are in place before you hit the send button.

For stopping scheduled emails and re-sending messages read this article.

Technical prerequisite

  • Ensure Domain Authentication (DKIM) is implemented for best possible inbox placement. This is not a mandatory setting but highly recommended.

The steps below are take place in the email editor:

On the Build tab:

On the Configure tab:

Sender and subject line

Check the following settings:

AB testing, archives page and link tagging

On the Recipients tab:

On the Recipients tab of the email editor:

Using the Preview tab:

  • Use the Preview tab of the editor to check how the message looks on desktop and mobile devices.

Contact specific content

You can skip the following step if you don't use merge fields and dynamic content blocks.

  • Use the "Preview as..." option from the Preview tab to check how merge fields and dynamic content blocks are shown for specific contacts on your list.

Using the Test tab:

  • Send yourself a test message and check that all links work in the email

  • Confirm that the email layout appears in your inbox as intended

Using the Send... tab:

  • Go to the Send... tab to schedule the email to be sent at a future date or send it immediately.

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