Follow the steps below to send your e-blast.

Did you remember to test it?

Before sending an email campaign be sure to test it first.

Select the sender

Select a sender under the "Configure" tab in the email editor. This will also become the reply-to address. Learn how to add new sender emails.

Select the list of recipients

Select the contacts to send your message to, also under the "Configure" tab in the email editor. You can send emails to:

  1. a single subscription list OR

  2. contacts who match a specific tag OR

  3. a custom segment, which is made up of a combination of subscriptions, internal lists and other segmentation criteria.

Continue to review settings about archiving, AB testing, subject line, etc. Once all settings are finalized and testing is completed, click the "Send" button from the navigation.

Send now or schedule sending

You can send the campaign right away or schedule it to be sent later.

If you need to make a change, go back to the Configure or Build tabs, preview and test your message again and proceed to the Send tab to view the updated estimates.

Stop a scheduled message

You can unschedule scheduled messages any time before the scheduled date/time. Open the scheduled message and click the "Unschedule" link in the message editor.

Re-sending a message to a single contact

You can resend a message to a single contact after the blast has been sent. Open the sent message and click the "Send to single contact" button then type the email address of the contact you wish to re-send the message to. If the contact doesn't show up on the list they are either unsubscribed or don't exist in the databased.

The "Send to single contact" option is not available for messages that used AB testing.

Re-sending a message to non-opens

You can resend a previously sent message to contacts who didn't open or click the original email. This article explains how.

How can I send an email campaign to multiple lists at the same time?

You can send a single email campaign to multiple lists in a way that one contact only receives your email once even if they appear on multiple lists.

You need to first create a segment and include all lists as filter conditions. See more details about this on this page, under the "Combining multiple lists" section.

Then, send the message using this segment as your target list.

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