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How many active contacts are there on my list?

Contact based billing is based on active contacts. Active contacts are anyone you can potentially send emails to. Unsubscribed and invalid emails are excluded. You can view the total number of contacts you send emails to on the Database Overview page.

Where can I view my email usage?

The pay as you go plan uses a credit model; it's independent of number of contacts in your database. One email sent to one contact = one credit. For example if you send an email campaign to 500 contacts it costs 500 credits. Unsubscribed and invalid emails are excluded.

You can view your email activity from the reports page:


Multiple sub-accounts can be set up under a primary account.

For the contact based payment plan the total number of contacts across all sub-accounts is used to determine billing.

For the pay as you go plan sub-accounts share the same pool of email credits that the primary account purchases.

In both cases the primary account is billed and cost allocation between sub-accounts is done internally.


You can cancel any time without a penalty.

We do not provide refunds on any unused credit if you cancel.

We do provide refunds for email credits and unused services if we cancel your account.

Read the full Terms of Service.

Payment method

Payment for transactions under $1,000 is accepted by credit card or EFT only. 

Transactions over $1,000 can also be paid by cheque.

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