How much does an Envoke account cost?

See the pricing page on our website. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Buy credits

For prepaid accounts you can purchase credits on a pay-as-you-go basis.

If your account is billed monthly then you receive a set number of credits each month and don't need to purchase prepaid credits.

Payment method

Payment for credit purchases under $1,000 is by credit card only. 

Purchases over $1,000 can be paid by credit card, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or cheque.

We may be able to accommodate a invoice request for purchases under $1,000  - contact us if  you are unable to pay by credit card.

View invoices

You can view invoices on the billing details page of your account.

Credit based

The pay as you go plan uses a credit model; it's independent of number of contacts in your database, and number of users who access the platform.

Credit usage

Credits are used by three activities:

  1. Email sends: one email sent to one contact uses one credit. For example an email campaign sent to 5,000 recipients uses 5,000 credits even if your list includes many more contacts. Two email campaigns sent to 1,000 recipients each use 2,000 credits in total. Before an email campaign is sent any contact with revoked consent or a known invalid email is automatically filtered and not included in the final send count and therefore don’t use credits. For example if the target list for an email campaign includes 10,000 contacts but 1,000 are unsubscribed (consent is revoked) and 500 have known invalid email then the email campaign will be sent to 8,500 contacts and uses 8,500 credits. A credit is used if an email is sent but it’s undeliverable (it bounces). There are automated systems in place to ensure that bounces are filtered out over time - a ‘known invalid’ flag is applied - to ensure they don't use credits in subsequent email campaigns. 
  2. Website visits tracked in excess of 35,000 visits tracked per month. This is optional and not required for email marketing functionality. Visit tracking is used for lead attribution reporting.
  3. API requests in excess of 10,000 requests per month. Using the API is optional.

Monthly plan

In the monthly plan credits expire every month. Monthly payment is mostly used in the early states of accounts to help evaluate all functionality without committing to purchasing a larger block of credits. Monthly payment is only available by credit card.

Prepaid credits

Prepaid credits don't expire - subject to $500 annual minimum usage.
There are two key benefits of prepaid credits over the monthly plan:

  • Prepaid credits include an 18% discount compared to purchasing the same amount of credits in monthly increments. 
  • Prepaid credits allow for fluctuations in sending emails over time. Credits can be used any time - there are no monthly minimums.


Multiple sub-accounts can be set up under a primary account. Sub-accounts share the same pool of email credits that the primary account purchases. A use case for sub-accounts is when multiple departments of the same organization use the software. The primary account is billed and cost allocation between departments is done internally.


You can cancel any time without a penalty. Unused credits are not refunded except if we terminate your account for any reason as per our Terms of Service.

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