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Find out what is and what isn't included with trial accounts

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Trial accounts allow users to evaluate the Envoke application before committing to a paid plan.

Trial account functionality and email sending limitation

All functionality is included with trial accounts. The only limitation is around email sending: Trial accounts can only send emails to total of 1,000 contacts.

Support and training for trial accounts

The same level of unlimited support is included with each trial account - including phone calls and screenshare (via Zoom) support - as with any paid account. The level of support is not dependent on account size or account status.

Training calls are reserved for paid account holders only. Training material is available for trial accounts as well as access to support documentation, chat and pre-booked video calls.

Trial period

Trial accounts are open for 30 days by default. This can be extended at our discretion to give you more time to fully evaluate the product.

Trial account expiry

Expired trial accounts are deactivated. Data in these deactivated accounts is kept for 30 days.

Closing a trial account

You can request your trial account to be shut down at any time, however, it will be closed automatically after 30 days if no action is taken.

Upgrading to a paid account

When you upgrade to a paid account data from the trial account carries forward to the paid account so configuration in the trial account isn't lost.

Trial account creation

Trial account requests are reviewed manually to keep out spammers. We may refuse to grant access to any organization for any reason, including but not limited to, opening multiple trials by the same organization, not being able to verify the organization as a legitimate entity or determining that the organization is not a good fit for our product.

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