Evaluating your trial account can take time. How can you tell if Envoke is the right solution for you? To save time we've collected some tips for you:

Talk to us

Support: Unlimited support is included with trial accounts. In fact, trial accounts get the same level of support as any paid account. Here are all your different support options.

Product walkthrough: Support aside, your best bet it is to schedule a one-on-one product walkthrough where we show you how features you're interested in work and answer any questions about our software and approach. It's not a sales call, we will not "push" you to sign up or commit to anything. During the walkthrough we'll simply be answering your questions and explaining how Envoke works to establish or rule out a fit.

Demo: If you have advanced needs and want to discuss how Envoke can work for you book a demo to explore our software in detail.

Import a few contacts

Add a few contacts (could be a dummy list, staff only or a subset of your contact list) to check the import process and, more importantly, to have some sample contacts to send messages to. Follow the steps outlined on this page: how to import contacts.

Send test messages

You can send unlimited tests with your trial account. Create an email - it doesn't have to be your final layout and content - and send a few tests to check the "create and send" process. Here are your options to create a new message.

Setup domain authentication

While you may not want to commit to any technical setup during your trial phase but without proper authentication you're not testing email sending and inbox delivery using the same settings paid account would use. We strongly recommend you spend the time to authenticate your domain (it's called DKIM in technical terms) for improved inbox delivery. Read setup instructions here.

Getting started on your own

Are you more of a self starter? The Getting Started Checklist for new users is just the page for you!

How much does it cost?

Refer to the pricing page on our website. Additionally, a detailed comparison between the monthly subscription plan and the pay as you option is available here.

What happens if you decide to start a paid account?

All data from your trial account carries forward to your paid account.

Customized onboarding is included with every new account at no extra cost to help you hit the ground running and to ensure continuity of service if you’re switching from another provider. Read more about new account setup and training.


There is more to Envoke than what's in this brief evaluation guide. Remember, we're here to talk to you whether you have a question for sales or support. Ask a support question, book a product walkthrough or get a demo.

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