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Step-by-step account setup checklist for new users

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Review the checklist on this page and watch the video for a step-by-step overview of configuring a new account.

Review user logins and account level settings

Technical setup

  • Set up DomainKeys authentication to ensure emails are not marked as suspicious by spam filters. This step needs to be completed by your IT team.

  • (Optional). Set up a custom domain. This is also an item for your IT team. Once completed, references to the domain will be replaced with your domain on public pages. Using a custom domain helps with branding and it's an optional part of setting up your account.

Decide how you want to segment your contact list

Before your import contacts you should decide if want you to allow your contacts to manage their own content preferences (subscriptions) or set preferences internally (tags).

  • Subscriptions allow your contacts to update their communication preferences by indicating what type of content they want to receive from you. Your account may have many subscriptions or none.

  • Tags are used to categorize contacts. Unlike subscriptions, tags are not public. Contacts can't see or update tags.

  • Custom fields can be used to store data for fields that don't exist by default, such as name, email, title, etc.

  • You will be able to send emails to contacts based on how they're tagged and their subscription settings. You can also build custom segments to target a specific subset of your contacts that match custom criteria.

Read more about list segmentation options including examples, additional details and watch a short explainer video.

Customize your email preferences page

The Email Preferences page is linked from every email you send. This is where your contacts can update the type of emails they want to receive from you and this is where you can communicate to them what kind of messages they can expect to receive from you, how often and why.

Review consent and compliance settings

Review consent settings from the account settings page. Most accounts work well with the default settings. If you want to customize CASL automation settings you can learn more about various consent management options.

Import your contacts

Before you import contacts for the first time, please review the section titled "Decide how you want to segment your contact list" in this document, then follow the instructions from the page about importing lists to upload your contacts into your account.

Create your first email template

Create an email template. The following page explains how to configure template layouts and styles: working with the email editor.

Create, customize test and send email messages

You can now create an email message using the template you created in the step above.

Customize the message content, add personalization, set the subject line and list of recipients, preview, test and send your message. View the email sending checklist here.

Creating forms

Review the collection of articles about creating, formatting and adding forms to your website.

Additional settings

Browse our support articles to learn about additional settings and advanced features.

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