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Billing options

The Monthly Subscription is a recurring monthly plan that allows sending unlimited emails. Cost is dependent on the number of active contacts in your account.

The Pay As You Go plan allows you to store unlimited contacts, sending emails uses email credits that need to be purchased upfront.

Monthly Subscription and Pay As You Go plan comparison

These are the key differences between the two billing options:

What are active contacts are how many active contacts do I have?

Active contacts are anyone you can potentially send emails to. Unsubscribed and invalid emails are excluded. Invalid emails are marked automatically when emails fail/bounce. You can view the total number of contacts you can send emails to on the database overview page.

Switching between billing plans

Start a support chat with us to switch between plans.

IMPORTANT: You can switch between plans any time but only once. For example if you switch from a Pay As You Go plan to the Monthly Subscription plan you cannot switch back.

Switching from Pay As You Go to a Monthly Subscription

Any unused email credits will be converted to a dollar balance that is applied to your account. This balance is used towards your recurring monthly subscription until the balance is used up, then you will be billed each month.

Switching from Monthly Subscription to Pay As You Go

Your recurring monthly billing will be stopped and the Pay As You Go plan will start with zero email credits. At this point you can purchase email credits as you need them.

Where can I view my email usage?

Email activity details are available from the Email Activity page.

You can view your email activity trend at a glance on the Reports page:

Billing for sub-accounts

Multiple sub-accounts can be set up under a primary account.

For the Monthly Subscription plan the total number of contacts across all sub-accounts is used to determine billing.

For the Pay As You Go plan sub-accounts share the same pool of email credits that the primary account purchases. Emails sent from any sub-account draw from the common pool of email credits.

In both cases the primary account is billed and cost allocation between sub-accounts needs to be done internally.


You can cancel any plan any time without a penalty, there are no contracts.

We do not provide refunds on any unused credits if you cancel.

Read the full Terms of Service.

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