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FAQs about Envoke pricing

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General information

Onboarding and support

Onboarding and support resources are not dependent on billing plans. Customers on all billing plans are eligible for free onboarding and training and full support via chat, phone email and Zoom calls.

Payment options

Monthly subscriptions

The default and recommended payment is a monthly subscription paid by credit card based on the number of active contacts in your account. Active contacts are contacts you can potentially send emails to; this excludes contacts who are unsubscribed or their email address is invalid.

Cost automatically adjusts based on the number of active contacts in your account for the month as per the published pricing.

Annual payments, pay as you go email credit purchases and purchase orders

Monthly subscriptions can also be invoiced annually.

For annual payments and pay as you go credit purchases we can send a formal quote and accommodate a purchase order that appears on invoices. These invoices can be paid by credit card, e-transfer (EFT) or cheque.


There is a 15% discount for registered charities. There is no nonprofit discount and there is no discount for annual payments.


There are no account specific contracts beyond acceptance of the Envoke Terms of Service that applies to all Envoke customers. All invoices are due 30 days after the invoice date.

If payment is not received 60 days after the invoice date (30 days past due date) your account will be suspended. We may terminate your account if payment in full is not received 90 days after the invoice date (60 days past due date).

The billing contact identified in your account will be notified weekly about outstanding payments.

Billing options

Monthly subscription option

The monthly subscription plan is billed month to month based on the number of active contacts in your account and functionality required based on pricing plans posted on our website.

Active contacts are contacts you can potentially send emails to: unsubscribed and invalid emails are excluded for billing purposes. You can view the total number of contacts you can send emails to on the contacts overview page of your account.

Unlimited sends: All monthly plans come with unlimited email sends.

Unlimited segmentation. All monthly plans include the ability to maintain unlimited subscription lists, tags, custom segments and custom fields.

Change in contact list size: We don't charge overage fees. Pricing automatically changes as the size of your contact list changes. You don't have to let us know upfront if a change in list size is expected.

Peak contact list: In any given month the peak active contact list size is used for billing. You can view peak contact list size in your account in this report.

There are no extra fees beyond what you see on the pricing page.

Pay as you go option

For larger accounts that send emails infrequently a pay as you go option, where billing is based on email sends rather than list size, may be suitable. This plan is based on credits that need to be purchased upfront. One email send to one contact uses one credit. Unused credits expire after one year. A minimum of 50,000 email sends per year is required. Please contact sales to discuss pay as you go billing.

Email send details are available from the Email activity page and a monthly email activity report is available from the Reports page.

Starting, changing and cancelling billing

Upgrading from trial to a paid account

When you upgrade a trial account to a paid account, data from the trial account carries forward to the paid account. Learn more about trial accounts.

Switching between billing plans

You can switch between monthly billing any time, each month.

Switching between pay as you go and monthly plans can be done once per year.

Switching from Pay As You Go to a Monthly Subscription: Any unused email credits will be converted to a dollar balance that is applied to your account. This balance is used towards your recurring monthly subscription until the balance is used up, then you will be billed monthly.

Switching from Monthly Subscription to Pay As You Go: Your recurring monthly billing will be stopped and the Pay As You Go plan will start with zero email credits. You need to purchase pay as you go email credits within 30 days.

Pausing your monthly subscription

Monthly subscriptions cannot be paused, instead, they can be converted into a maintenance plan that gives you full access to all functionality, including form submissions, except email sending. The maintenance fee is 30% of the regular monthly subscription fee. Let us know via email or chat if you wish to switch to or away from a maintenance plan.


You can cancel any time without penalties. Let us know via email or chat if you wish to cancel. We do not provide refunds on any unused credits (PAYG plan only) when an account is cancelled.


Sub-accounts can be set up under a primary account. This tiered structure is a good fit for accounts with multiple departments or business units.

Cost for accounts with multiple sub-accounts is a combination of

  • a fee per sub-account and

  • the number of contacts stored across all sub-accounts (for contact based plans) or email credit purchases (for pay as you go plan)

API usage

Unlimited email sending via the API is included if you’re on the monthly subscription plan. On the Pay As You Go plan, sending emails via the API costs credits. One email sent to one contact = one credit.

Contact updates via the API (for example syncing contacts from your CRM to Envoke) are free under both monthly and pay as you go plans. Daily API limits apply - these are determined on a case by case basis during onboarding.

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