View our pricing page for current pricing and functionality included with various pricing plans.


The majority of our customers choose the monthly subscription plan, which is billed month to month based on the number of active contacts and functionality required based on pricing plans. Active contacts mean contacts you can potentially send emails to: unsubscribed and invalid emails are excluded for billing purposes.

There are no extra fees of any kind beyond what you see on the pricing page. Account setup is included for free. You can switch between plans any time without penalties. There are no contracts that lock you in to any period of time, you can cancel whenever you like.

For larger accounts that send emails infrequently we have a pay as you go option where billing is based on email sends rather than list size.

Watch this pricing explainer video and scroll down for additional details.

Billing options

There are two billing options:

The Monthly Subscription is a recurring monthly plan. Cost is dependent on the number of active contacts in your account. This plan includes unlimited email sends. On request we can bill a monthly subscription annually if processing an annual invoice is easier for a client, however, there is no discount for annual prepaid plans.

The Pay As You Go plan allows you to store unlimited contacts. Sending emails uses email credits that need to be purchased upfront.

Here's a comparison between the two billing options:

Changes is contact list size

Pricing automatically changes as the size of your contact list changes. You could be paying a different amount each month depending on your list size. There are no fees for changes and you don't have to let us know upfront if a change in list size is expected.

Upgrading to a paid account

When you upgrade a trial account to a paid account, data from the trial account carries forward to the paid account.

Switching plans

You can switch between plans any time as your requirements change. There are no fees or penalties of any kind.

What are active contacts are how many active contacts do I have?

Active contacts are anyone you can potentially send emails to. Unsubscribed and invalid emails are excluded. Invalid emails are marked automatically when emails fail/bounce. You can view the total number of contacts you can send emails to on the Consent and contacts overview page.

Compare Monthly Subscription and Pay As You Go pricing

Follow the steps below to determine which billing option is better for your account.

Step 1: Understand the differences between the billing plans

Review the comparison chart on the top of this page between the two billing options to understand how they are different from each other.

Proceed to compare the annual costs of the two billing options.

Step 2: Determine the annual cost of the monthly plan

The monthly fee is based on the total number of active contacts across all accounts you have with us. You can find the current rates on our pricing page.

For example if you have 8,000 contacts that puts you in the 5K-10K bracket.

Then you should decide if you need functionality included in the Standard, Pro or Multi-account plan. For this example we'll select the Standard plan for $79/mo. This means the annual cost is $948.

Step 3: Determine the annual cost of the pay as you go plan

With the pay as you go plan it doesn't matter how many contacts you have. What you need to figure out instead is your estimated annual email volume. For example if you send 30,000 emails per month that's 360,000 emails per year.

You could purchase 500,000 credits for $2,500, which works out to $5/1,000 emails sent = $1,800/yr. This is more expensive than the monthly plan but keep in mind that the pay as you go plan gives you access to all functionality in the Pro plan plus the Multi-account plan.

In another example your monthly email volume is only 2,500 then you'd need 30,000 credits for the year. You'd need to purchase 50,000 credits for $900 (this is the lowest credit package). This way your annual cost is less than the monthly subscription even as some unused credits would expire each year.

Switching between billing plans

Start a support chat with us to switch between plans.

Switching from Pay As You Go to a Monthly Subscription

Any unused email credits will be converted to a dollar balance that is applied to your account. This balance is used towards your recurring monthly subscription until the balance is used up, then you will be billed each month.

Switching from Monthly Subscription to Pay As You Go

Your recurring monthly billing will be stopped and the Pay As You Go plan will start with zero email credits. At this point you can purchase email credits as you need them.

Where can I view my email usage?

Email activity details are available from the Email Activity page.

You can view your email activity trend at a glance on the Reports page:

Billing for sub-accounts

Multiple sub-accounts can be set up under a primary account.

For the Monthly Subscription plan the total number of contacts across all sub-accounts is used to determine billing.

For the Pay As You Go plan sub-accounts share the same pool of email credits that the primary account purchases. Emails sent from any sub-account draw from the common pool of email credits.

In both cases the primary account is billed and cost allocation between sub-accounts needs to be done internally.


You can cancel any plan any time without a penalty, there are no contracts beyond acceptance of the Envoke Terms of Service..

We do not provide refunds on any unused credits when an account is cancelled.

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