The location of contacts is based on the country field and this determines if contacts are subject to GDPR or CASL consent regulations or neither:

  • GDPR applies to contacts from the EU.
  • CASL applies to Canadian contacts.

Default country

In the absence of the country (field is blank) the default country setting is used. The default country setting can be found on the account settings page. It is set to Canada by default. If you wish to change the default country for your account please contact support.

Auto-detection based on IP address

The GeoIP detection option, enabled by default for all accounts, helps with ongoing collection of country level data as contacts submit your forms.

Collect country field on forms

If GeoIP detection is disabled then you should add a country selector field to forms. Consider making this field mandatory to complete.

Import the country field

You can set the country field via import for new contacts by adding a column for countries in the import file.

Update existing contacts

You can update the country field of existing contact by re-importing contacts.

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