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Overview of CASL consent management options
Overview of CASL consent management options

Manage and automate CASL compliance

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CASL stands for Canadian Anti Spam Legislation. It applies to Commercial Electronic Mail (CEM) sent to Canadian contacts - not just by Canadian companies.

Envoke's role is to facilitate the management of consent settings, not to enforce legislation. We do this by setting defaults that apply to the majority of use cases and facilitate obtaining and updating documented express consent and managing rolling expiry dates for implied consent and handing exemptions provided by the legislation.

Video: Brief consent settings overview (5mins)

Video: Details of consent related functionality (18mins)

CASL compliance related functionality

Envoke's sophisticated CASL compliance functionality includes many options:

  • Managing wide variety of consent states: Express, implied based on inquiry, implied based on transaction, implied without expiry, expired, unsubscribed, unknown, spam reported

  • Rolling expiry data management to ensure consent expire automatically for contacts with "implied" consent. This automates the error-prone and laborious manual update process.

  • Import contacts with any consent status including importing the original (back-dated) consent acquisition date to ensure accuracy for tracking expiry for implied consent statues. Express consent and unsubscribed contacts that are already in your account retain their consent status upon import.

  • Manual override by administrators to correct errors or make changes to consent settings in bulk.

  • Consent expiry reminder to mitigate consent expiry

  • Dynamic consent request button (consent banner) to solicit consent from contacts automatically as you send emails.

  • Regulatory messages allow you to send regulatory emails to contacts who are otherwise unsubscribed.

  • Exemptions management for cases were CASL doesn't apply, for example non-commercial messages.

  • Auto-detect country by IP to ensure only Canadian contacts are subject to CASL

  • Default country setting to ensure contact without a country field are (not) subject to CASL

  • Customizable consent and preferences page, available in English and French

  • Customizable (wording and design) unsubscribe block in emails

  • Send consent confirmation email after form submissions

  • Show or hide consent checkbox on forms and customize wording.

  • GDPR compliance for contacts in the EU.

New contacts

Obtaining consent on forms: 

  • You need to add a consent checkbox to forms to capture express consent. For dedicated subscribe forms this checkbox can be hidden. 

  • If express consent is not provided - checkbox not checked - the contact will be added with either an expiring implied consent for CASL, no consent for GDPR or non-expiring implied consent for anyone not subject to CASL or GDPR. To determine if a contact is subject to GDPR, CASL or neither the location of contacts is auto-detected (country only).

Setting consent when a list is imported, a single contact is added or inserted via the API: 

  • Providing the consent status for new contacts is mandatory. Select the appropriate consent status and describe how consent was obtained. This description is not shared with contacts; it is logged to become part of the consent audit trail. Related articles: importing consent status, importing original consent date.

Existing contacts

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