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Sending mandatory content to your contacts

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What is the mandatory content setting?

The mandatory content setting allows you to differentiate between opt-in emails and mandatory messages that contacts must receive and shouldn’t be able to self-serve unsubscribe from. It accommodates situations where recipients are obligated to receive messages from you, often as a result of an internal contract.

Emails designated as mandatory are sent to all eligible contacts — even if they are unsubscribed from optional communications. The only exception are contacts that have reported emails as spam.

Enabling the mandatory content functionality

This functionality is enabled upon request by Envoke support. Start a support chat while you're logged into your account.

Sending mandatory emails

Account administrators and subaccount administrators can designate emails as mandatory on the Recipients tab of the email editor page.

Reason for sending mandatory content

You need to provide a reason why mandatory messages are sent. This is shown on the mandatory consent settings page and in emails where you place the following macro {@msg-mandatory_reason}

The most common placement is in the footer.

Email settings page for mandatory message recipients

When mandatory message recipients click the "update email settings" link in the footer of emails they are taken to a settings page that is different from the email preferences page used to manage optional subscriptions.

On this dedicated mandatory consent page there is no reference to opt-in content and contacts cannot self-serve unsubscribe. All text and styles on this page are customizable.

Request to be removed from receiving mandatory content

Mandatory content recipients have an option to request removal from mandatory messages. (For example they moved, retired, an incorrect email address is used, etc.)

This is not a self-serve unsubscribe — requests must be approved by an admin user.

This option is designed to encourage contacts to communicate their issues to you rather than marking emails as spam.

Designating users to receive notification emails

You can designate which administrator user(s) should receive an email notification when a contact requests to be removed from mandatory emails. By default all administrators receive the alert.

This is an example of an email notification when a contact requests to be removed from mandatory emails.

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