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How to measure and increase engagement from your contacts

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Who are your most engaged contacts? Who aren't engaged at all? There are several reports to measure engagement using opens and clicks in emails you send to your list.

Engagement for the entire database

Use segments

Use segments to get a list of contacts who are engaged/not engaged across your entire database. Read more about using segments to create custom lists.

Create a new segment and add a condition based on Campaign activity:

You can use opens, clicks and sends as conditions.

Add engagement related fields to the list of contacts page

You can also add fields for last opened and total opened to the contact list page. Read more about customizing the list of contacts page.

Engagement for a specific list

To view engagement for certain lists only, add the list as an additional condition:

Engagement for a single email campaign

The email campaign report is available for every email campaign and includes detailed information about the email's performance. Read more about email campaign reports.

Engagement across multiple email campaigns

You can report on all emails that are filed under a specific folder. Click the gear icon near the folder name and select "Folder report"

Engagement report for individual contacts

You can view all activity for each contact on the contact activity timeline and the email sending history page. Read details of contact specific reports.

You know who your engaged contacts are. What can you do?

Once you identified your list of contacts who are engaged or not engaged you can take the following actions:

  • add or remove a subscription or tag in bulk

  • resend emails to non-opens or send a re-engagement email: assign them to a tag and send the re-engagement email to contacts who are tagged

  • export these contacts for analysis outside of Envoke

Known inaccuracies related to email opens

When you filter your list for campaign activity using "opened" or "didn't open" as a condition the results may be inaccurate depending on how many contacts on your list use Apple Mail with the Apple Mail Privacy Protection enabled. Read more.

Conversely, no opens are tracked if images are blocked in your contacts' email client. This also affects the accuracy of segments using campaign activity based on opens.

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