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Before you contact support about email display issues we ask that you review our support article about troubleshooting email display issues. It includes a list of known and common issues and tips to resolve them.

Contacting support

When contacting support please provide as much detail as possible. This helps to address your question effectively. Please always include a link to the message in question (link to the message editor page) and describe exactly where in the message the issue is, what you intend to do and how the outcome is different from what you're expecting. Screenshots are especially helpful.

Response and resolution times

Our response time to support inquiries is within two business hours during regular support hours.

This response time is for initial responses and not a commitment to resolve issues within a two hour time frame. Inbox delivery and email display related issues often take longer to troubleshoot and fix.

How does Envoke ensure email platform compatibility?

Ensuring correct and consistent email display is a critical element of the success of e-blasts on par with inbox delivery. There are many components to each email and as with most design elements success can at times be subjective.

The Envoke email editor is built to generate emails that display well in most of the popular email clients. There are restrictions in place in the editor to prevent creating layouts that would break in mainstream email apps and the editor is continually updated to keep up with industry standards.

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