Here are a collection of common issues with email display and suggestions on resolving them. Please read through the list of topics below and the articles that are linked from each topic that contain detailed explanation and tips on usage.

Text doesn't wrap around images as intended or images look squished.

This article explains how images work including the differences between in-line images and dedicated image blocks and answers common questions about image formatting.

Font sizes, colours and line height don't show up as intended

Read about setting line-heights, colour and font settings and learn about how fonts are displayed across various email clients.

Parts of the email look too wide

This is often because there is a long link in the email that forces parts of the message too wide. Here's how to fix this.

Anchor links (for example in table of contents) don't work

Anchor links are not universally supported in every email program. You can read details about anchor links on this page.

Emails look different on mobile devices vs. desktop view

Mobile display is automatically adjusted to create the best possible mobile view experience for your audience. Find out what changes in mobile view.

Emails don't look the same in different email clients.

Learn why emails look different across multiple platforms including troubleshooting tips and our approach to supporting email layouts.

Read about display limitation in Outlook.

Extra wording is added to your emails or link colour change

Some email programs add links and/or display notices in emails or even change content that aren't part of the original email. They do this to augment the user experience and provide added security. See what modifications email clients can make to your emails.

Your email display issue is not addressed above

Browse and search the support documents that contain many up to date articles to help you create great emails and provide troubleshooting tips.

Need more help?

After you reviewed the relevant how-to articles linked from above and you still need help please start a support chat and let us know how we can help. Please provide as much detail as possible. Include a link to the message in question (link to the edit page) and describe exactly where in the message the issue is, how you intend content to be displayed and how it shows up in your tests. Screenshots are very helpful.

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