Merge fields can be used to customize / personalize emails, forms and landing pages. 

Test and preview

Populate the relevant fields in your own contact record -- that contact record is used for previews. Your contact record is the one associated with your user login.
For example if your user login is associated with and you want to test the merge field for company name then be sure the company field is filled for the record.


To use a merge field, select it from the "Merge field" selector (it's in the message editor toolbar) or type the field name. For example for a personalized greeting, type:

Hello {fname},

Available fields to merge

Contact record merge fields


Custom fields: {@my-fieldname}, for example {@my-accountmanager}

For "note" type custom fields you can use {@my-fieldname|html} to parse line breaks (<br> tags) as the content of the field is merged into your message.

You can read more about custom field types and behaviour.

Default first name

On the account settings page you can enter a default "first name" value to be used if a contact doesn't have a first name field in the database. 



Email messages

View online link: {@msg-url}
Message name: {@msg-name}
Message ID: {@msg-id}
Subject line: {@msg-subject}

Consent and preferences page

See this article for details about the Consent and Preferences page including options to customize the unsubscribe link.

Envoke contact fields

Envoke external contact ID {eid}
Remote ID {remote_id}

More information about contact IDs.

Internal list folder



Year (four digits, for example: 2019): {@sys-timestamp|Y}
Month (full name, for example: May): {@sys-timestamp|F}
Month (numeric, for example: 10): {@sys-timestamp|m}
Day (numeric, for example: 23): {@sys-timestamp|d}


Facebook: {@social-facebook|url}
Twitter: {@social-twitter|url}
LinkedIn: {@social-linkedin|url}
Instagram: {@social-instagram|url}
Pinterest: {@social-pinterest|url}
YouTube: {@social-youtube|url}
Vimeo: {@social-vimeo|url}
RSS: {@social-rss|url}
TripAdvisor: {@social-tripadvisor|url}





Specific event content merge fieldsReplace id with event id


Specific event form elements merge fields
Replace id with event id


Event groups on forms: (select dropdown field)
Replace id with event group id


event name is NOT displayed, use with other parameters only such as start_date|start_time otherwise a blank selector is shown


Date and time formats usage: replace 'start_date' in above merge fields with 'start_date:FORMAT'



merge field example:




Sales Users

Add currently assigned salesperson details to emails (transactional or marketing) sent to leads. These fields will only work for leads that are assigned to a salesperson.


Alternatively you can merge fields from a specific user by user ID, for example

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