You can use a subdomain with your Envoke account such as 

Custom domain benefits

  • branding: your contacts will see your domain instead of an Envoke domain. An example is the subscription management page.
  • ensure that tracking codes load properly (applies only for lead generator accounts)
  • help with email deliverability (especially for internal emails)

Examples custom domains


Configuring a custom domain

To set up as a custom domain for your account you need to create a CNAME entry in the DNS of your domain pointing to

There is no need to define a separate A record.

Verify domain setup

Use this link to confirm the domain is setup correctly: 

Replace with your domain name. For example, if your domain is then the test link to use is:

Let us know once your custom domain is configured - we will verify the setup and enable it for your account.

Securing your custom domain

We will issue an SSL certificate for your custom subdomain. 



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