Customizing the unsubscribe footer and unsubscribe link

An unsubscribe link is added to every message by default. You can customize the wording and style of this link.

This article explains how to customize the unsubscribe footer.

Removing the unsubscribe link

The unsubscribe link cannot be removed. Without an unsubscribe link emails may be blocked by spam filters and never reach your contacts' inboxes.

Instead of removing the unsubscribe link - which is a crude solution to deal with sending communications that aren't subject to consent - we allow sending of regulatory messages to contacts who are otherwise unsubscribed from optional communications and let you fully customize the email preferences page to communicate your email sending policies to your contacts.

This way your contacts know whey they're receiving certain emails they can't unsubscribe from and can still update optional subscriptions. And spam checker bots don't flag your messages either.

Learn more about using the regulatory messages option.

Learn about how the email preference management page works and how you can customize it.

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