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Customizing the unsubscribe process

Learn about how your contacts can manage their subscription preferences

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Unsubscribing process takes place on the email preference management page which is linked from each email sent from Envoke.

Customizing the unsubscribe footer and unsubscribe link

An unsubscribe link is added to every message. You can customize the wording and style of this link and the entire unsubscribe footer. Here's how to customize the unsubscribe footer.

Removing the unsubscribe link

The unsubscribe link cannot be removed. This way it's always possible for contacts to self-serve unsubscribe from opt-in messages.

Contacts cannot self-serve unsubscribe from mandatory emails and they see a different unsubscribe page without consent and optional subscription settings. Contacts can request to be removed from receiving mandatory content.

Accessing the preference management page

Contacts always access the email preferences page from an email sent to them and not directly from a website. This way their email address is verified.

Customize the email preference management page

You can add custom text and update all headlines and descriptions on the email preference management page and use your own brand colours and fonts.

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