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Product changes in 2023
Product changes in 2023
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List of major feature releases and changes in 2023. You can view other product changes here.

May 2023

Define and lock brand colours and fonts

New brand controls are now available to make it easier for administrator users to manage their brand settings. Colours and fonts can locked and you can also disable showing the default, generic templates to force users to use a custom template built for them.

Renewal notice email sample

April 2023

Route email replies to an address different from the sender

You can now specify a reply-to address for emails that can be different from the sender email.

Note that the reply-to address is used when the message is replied to manually by the recipient. Most bots, such as the ones that generate out of office messages, will send responses to the sender "from" email address. This is out of Envoke's control. See technical explanation on this page:

March 2023

Bug hunt month and general usability improvements

This month we focused on fixing many minor known glitches and made several small improvements to usability to help everyone navigate their accounts easier.

February 2023

WCAG 2.1 Level A compliance achieved

All contact facing content - forms, emails and the email preferences page - now follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level A compliance guidelines.

February 2023

The email archives page is now customizable

The colours, fonts and the page title of the email archives page is now customizable.

January 2023

Accessibility of forms and the email preference page

Major improvements were shipped to forms and the email preference page with a focus on accessibility.

  • Form validation: Listing all invalid fields in the form validation message when a form is submitted and displaying a red asterisk for required form fields. The list of missing and invalid fields automatically disappear as the fields are completed (no need to click the submit button to refresh the validation message)

  • Back-end / code change: Adding ARIA labels, language and character set declarations to publicly accessible pages and emails

  • Account name and logo: Option to add a French account name and French logo that are shown on the French version of the Email Preferences Page.

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